Commercial Services

AG Design Group welcomes commercial business. We have experience with restaurants, dental, chiropractic, and other types of businesses. Whether you want price or quality, we've got you covered. A few of our areas of seating expertise include meeting the contract furniture needs of any Restaurant / Bar, Nightclub, Casino, Office and Conference Room, Medical Facility and Waiting Area, Hotel, Cafeteria, Family Restaurant and Franchise Restaurant.

AG Design Group Provides services for:


Hotels want to ensure their furnishings maintain a pristine appearance for satisfying lodging industry ratings requirements. AG Group supports the renovation needs of hotels by providing repair, touch-up, and refinishing of furniture, cabinets, built-ins and woodwork in the following areas:

      -Private guest rooms;
      -Meeting and conference rooms;
      -Common areas such as the lobby, restaurant and bar, hallways and elevators.

We understand hotels’ have specific needs and concerns when initiating a renovation project, particularly regarding the time required and the impact on space during high-occupancy periods. For that reason, you can expect us to:

     -Work expertly around your hotel’s constraints and nuances;
     -Accommodate your time-table and occupancy patterns, making the process as convenient as possible;
     -Offer ideas and solutions for renewing or updating furniture as an alternative to making costly replacements.

Custom Built Furniture:

-Custom Built Sofa Beds
-Capitol Custom-Made Upholstered Furniture
If your food and drink menu is top-notch but your booths, chairs and barstools are showing their age, call us We can show you how re-covering your existing furniture can save you thousands and restore it to its original beauty - or give your place a whole new look.

Custom Booths and Nooks

Custom Built furniture:

-Custom Banquettes
-Back Rest Options
-Restaurant Tables
-Wall Panels & Dividers
-Booth Installations
Corporate and Small Offices:

• Workstation panels
• Modular panels
• Task chairs
• Executive chairs

As seasoned refinishing experts with over 15 years of experience, you can trust AG Design Group with all of your corporate refinishing and repair needs. Whether you are looking to give a new look to your conference room or trying to extend the life of your office furniture, we can help. Our corporate refinishing services include:

     -Conference room table refinishing and repair
     -Office furniture refinishing and repair
     -Office and conference room built-in cabinet refinishing & repair
     -Office and conference room wall panel refinishing
     -In-office finishing touch-ups


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