Upholstery Services

If you own good furniture which is a little past it's best or no longer fits your color scheme, re-upholstery or loose covers are cost-effective alternatives to replacement. And when you deal direct with us, there's no retailer's margin to pay. As well as saving you money, re-upholstery or loose covers can give you years more enjoyment of the furniture you love - and which you know is right for you room and lifestyle.

Remember how comfortable your furniture was when you bought it? We'll restore it to the original level - if not better. As master upholsterers with a wealth of experience, using the finest materials available from a virtually unlimited range of coverings, AG Group will bring new life to your well-loved furniture.  

Here's Why Reupholstering Is Better Than Buying New:

Match your reupholstered furniture to new or existing window coverings and area rugs. Customize the look and feel to what you like.
You're not limited to one company's fabric selection.
Doesn't fill up landfills with old furniture.
No wasted days shopping for new furniture.
Usually, re-upholstery is no more expensive than buying new furniture and is often less expensive.
Continue your good feelings for your comfortable old furniture.
No need to rearrange your furniture.
No hassle to get your old furniture trucked away.

"They just don't make furniture like they used to."

Our Services Include:

*Upholstering Furniture
*Slip Cover Sales *Refinishing
*Antique Furniture
*Love Seats
*Kitchen chairs

*Antiques and Leathers
*Cushions *
*Bedroom Accessories
And the Following:

• Workstation panels
• Modular panels
• Task chairs
• Executive chairs

Capitol Custom-Made Upholstered Furniture

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